The premiere of the video clip! We decided to shoot this clip in the spirit of a surreal thriller. The clip was shot in 2020 and completed only today. Enjoy watching!

Directed by: Wanko, Oleg Zakharov

Creative production: Tatiana Kondratieva

Choreography: Ekaterina Brekhova

CAST: Anna Martin

Maxim Abramov

Panicky Birdie

Arter Konovalov

Maxim Palagniuk

Alexey Trushkin

Nika Aksai

Nikita Zuenkov

Konstantin Chernyshev

Anton Bashirov

Thank you for your help in organizing the filming of good people! They helped us: bar IDOL Sergey Pashkov Ignat Podolko

Music: Dan Arlov — You Get Me (SOMEWHERE OUT THERE records)

(c) ULYSSE records group

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