Wanko drops his new Funky House single ‘Change’. A dance mix of Funky/Club House and Disco in one bottle!


About artist: Wanko is an experienced sound producer who has been writing house music since 2008. At the age of 12, Wanko fell in love with House music and Eurodance thanks to his older brother Zhenya (DJ Master Fader). At night, together with his brother, they recorded night broadcasts with club music on cassettes, learning new house charts. At the age of 13, the brothers became DJs at their secondary school, then opened their own music label and began organizing parties in bars in Samara, bringing foreign DJs to the city. And since 2008, Wanko started trying to compose his own tracks. He experimented a lot with Rave music and Rock style, but the love of House eventually won out. Wanko published his works on various labels in Europe under various nicknames, gradually honing his style. His most favorite style is Funky \ Groove \ Jackin House and, of course, Classic House with melodies and grooves of the 1990s.